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Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection (ISO) Game for Android Phones & Tablets [PSP+PPSSPP]

tekken 5 Dark Resurrection iso+cso
Download Tekken Dark Resurrection iso| cso game rom for android mobile and tablets,Tekken dark resurrection is now 100% playable in your android device via PPSSPP emulator.

Castle Clash Apk Mod v1.2.48 [Unlimited Gems] Free Download

castle clash apk modBuild and battle your way to glory in Castle Clash! With over 30 million clashers worldwide, the heat is on in the most addictive game ever! In a brilliant mix of fast-paced strategy and exciting combat, Castle Clash is a game of epic proportions! Hire legions of powerful Heroes and lead an army of mythical creatures, big and small. Fight to the top and become the world’s greatest Warlord. Your empire is as strong as your creativity!
Now available in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian and many more to come.

Game Features:

- Build and upgrade your impenetrable fortress!
- Create the ultimate army from a dozen wild troops!
- Fast-paced, thrilling, and realistic battles!
- Pit your Heroes against other Players in the Arena!
- Tap and swipe to cast powerful spells!
- Free-to-play fantasy strategy.

Castle Clash - screenshot
What's New
New Updates:
1. New Hero: Moltanica
2. Added a “save plan” function in Edit Mode. Up to 3 plans can be saved.


List Of Top 10 PPSSPP Supported PSP HD Games

PPSSPP allows you to play psp games in your android devices.In our another ppsspp post we discussed about the God Of War: chains of olympus PSP rom(PPSSPP) Download For Android [100% Working] , here is a list of supported psp hd games available for ppsspp android.

1.Monster Hunter Freedom Unite 

Japan's most successful PSP® title, Monster Hunter Portable 2G, is heading to the US. Renamed Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, this latest installment in the epic Monster Hunter series delivers over 500 hours of gameplay spanning some 400 missions. Added with previously unreleased monsters, weapons and missions and you have the biggest Monster Hunter game to date.

2.Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

The gameplay of Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy​ is similar to the original's, featuring all of the original gameplay elements, characters, and arenas. Fighters will attack to steal bravery from opponents, which increases their own, as a character lands Bravery attacks.

3.Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7

LEGO® Harry Potter™: Years 5-7 takes players through Harry Potter’s heroic adventures in the Muggle™ and wizarding worlds.Hogsmeade™ and Hogwarts™ –players will encounter new faces, new challenges and new magic, preparing them for the ultimate face-off against Lord Voldemort™.

4.Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai

Dragon Ball Z: New Tournament is a fighting video game part of the dragon ball series. It was developed by Dimps, and was released on March 7, 2006. It is the first Dragon Ball Z game on the PlayStation Portable. Its sequel is Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road.

5.Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 Portable

Terrible creatures lurk in the dark, preying on those who wander into the hidden hour between one day and the next. Persona 3 veterans will get a kick out of playing through the story from a new female perspective, gaining new Social Links, special events, and unique romantic opportunities.

6.Death JR.

Death Jr. is a fairly short game with short cut scenes and various enemies. It is worth noting that although Death himself, DJ's father, appears on the cover of the game's case, he does not actually appear in-game.In the game, the player has a variety of guns ranging from pistols to a rocket launcher.

7.Akiba Strip

Akiba’s Trip is set at the famous district in Japan and like the previous game it will have actual stores in Akihabara for players to visit. There will be over double the amount of real life stores in Akiba’s Trip.

8.Family Guy

the first video game based on the hugely popular Family Guy TV show, the Family Guy game will feature the same outrageous humor all the fans know and love. Play through three stories that intersect in typical Family Guy fashion

9.Valhalla Knights 2

Valhalla Knights 2's visuals are unremarkable. The limited options for customizing the appearance of your characters are disappointing, and while towns have a quaint, charming design to the buildings with interiors that have some attractive touches.

10.Lord Of Arcana

Lord of Arcana has the player on a quest for the power of Arcana and live out the destiny of the one bound to it. Fighting your way through a dungeon, you cut through goblins with relative ease and summon the devastating magic of the massive beast Bahamut to aid you.

Supported Devices:  Nexus 3, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S4, Xperia Play, Xperia Z, Nexus 7, Xolo Play, Micromax Canvas 4, Xperia z1, HTC one,  HTC onex, Motorola droid,many more...

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Apk Android (ISO) Game Free Download [PSP+PPSSPP]

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is the western release of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. It was released across America on June 22, 2009, Australia on the 25th of June, and Europe on the 26th of June. With over 500 hours of gameplay and previously unreleased monsters, weapons and missions, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is the biggest game of the series so far. Via Ad-Hoc functionality, players can experience the social gaming phenomenon that’s gripping Japan and adventure with up to four friends for a thrilling and savaging multiplayer hunting party. From devising the strategy to executing the attack, team play with your friends is going to be key to hunting down the ferocious beasts.

  • New subspecies: Plum Daimyo Hermitaur, Terra Shogun Ceanataur, Emerald Congalala, and Copper Blangonga.
  • One-Horned Diablos quest added as a Level 9 Elder Nekoht Quest and a HR 6 Quest in the Guild Hall.
  • Old monsters get new attacks and different attack reactions (Such as predicting Teostra's Powder explosion via color of the particle, etc.).
  • New monsters: Nargacuga, Queen Vespoid, Ukanlos, King Shakalaka, Lavasioth, and Hypnocatrice.
  • Two Monster Hunter Frontier monsters are carried over to this game; Hypnocatrice and Lavasioth.
  • Yama Tsukami, who wasn't present in Monster Hunter Freedom 2, returns in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.
  • Addition of rare materials: Hvnly Scales, Big Elder Dragon Jewels (HR 9 version of Fire Dragon Jewel, Daora Jewel and Chameleos Jewel) and Ukanlos Stone.


  • New Felyne Comrade system to aid soloing Hunters.
  • Eight equipment pages instead of six, and possible extension to ten.
  • New Guild Card pages: a) Felyne Fighter Info. b) Frequency of Use of Weapon Types. c) A diary showing recent quests and activities.
  • You can now hold up to 99 of each item type in your box.
  • You can now store up to 20 equipment sets.
  • New sets of Felyne Kitchen Skills, e.g. "Felyne Dance" (boosts stats on every gesture involving "Dance").
  • Extra gathering spots for bug catching and ore mining featuring new Ores and Insects.
  • Buy items and send them to the Item Box instantly.
  • Directly combine items inside the Item Box.
  • New hairstyles.
  • New Starter Clothes.
  • Able to change clothes via the bookshelf.
  • Data Install System that speeds up loading times.
  • Skip long opening animation scenes by pressing SELECT. (Lao Shan, Fatalis etc..)
  • Trenya can now be sent for 1500 Points
  • Trenya can be sent to the Great Forest.
  • Over 410 Quests.
  • New music for Swamp, Volcano, Desert and Jungle. (Although in MHP2ndG, Snowy Mountains has a new music)
  • New Downloadable Quests.


How To Install

  • Download PPSSPP.apk
  • Then Download Monster Hunter Freedom Unite .iso psp rom.
  • Run PPSSPP app and select your Monster Hunter rom.
  • Play and enjoy the game.

Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 2 For Android Mobile & Tablets [PSP+PPSSPP] Apk Free Download

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 
Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai (ドラゴンボールZ 真武道会, Doragon Bōru Zetto Shin Budōkai; lit. "Dragon Ball Z: New Tournament") is a fighting video game part of the Dragon Ball series. It was developed by Dimps, and was released worldwide throughout Spring 2006. It is the first Dragon Ball Z game on the PlayStation Portable. Its sequel is Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road.

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Scenario story mode is a new story which takes place two years after the defeat of Kid Buu, and which is based on the events of the movie Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn. The players follow the events of the story in which you choose Goku and friends, including enemy characters, along the way. The choices that the player makes determine how the story evolves.

Another mode is the Arcade mode, a single player mode that lets the player to choose the character let's him/her combat against the CPU in order to fight and gain the Dragon Balls. After gaining enough Dragon Balls, Shenron appears and grants the wish of the character, designed according to their personalities.
In Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai Next is the Z Trial mode, which consists of two different types of play: Survival, where the player fights against CPU-controlled opponents for as long as he/she can, and Time Attack, where the player sees how fast he/she can make it through a predetermined set of opponents.

Finally, there is the Profile Card mode, in which the players will have their in-game character profile cards that lists their name and power level. The players can design their own card and customize them with items from the game's store.

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Game Features
  • High-speed wireless multiplayer battles featuring the universe's strongest fighters
  • 18 playable characters, including prize fighter Pikkon
  • Revamped version of the acclaimed Saiyan Overdrive fighting system
  • In-game transformations to more powerful forms
  • All-new stage based on Fusion Reborn
  • Seven game modes, including a compelling story mode: Dragon Road

How To Install

  • Download PPSSPP.apk
  • Then Download Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai .iso psp rom.
  • Run PPSSPP app and select your Dragon Ball Z rom.
  • Play and enjoy the game.