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Resistance Retribution PSP iso Free Android Game Download

resistance retribution psp iso download

Download Resistance Retribution psp iso android game rom for Android Mobiles & Tablets .Resistance: Retribution is a third-person shooter game developed by SCE Bend Studio for Sony's PlayStation Portable. Bend Studio said in an interview with GameSpot that they worked with Insomniac Games in the initial process of the game design. It is set between Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2. Despite generally positive reviews and a decent fanbase, Sony has discontinued online support for the game.

The game Resistance Retribution offers 8-player online multiplayer matches with modes that include Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Containment, Free For All and Assimilation.

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The aiming system is designed differently, instead of pressing buttons to lock against cover, it will automatically lock the player to cover when he or she goes near cover. Aim assist, as observed in Resistance: Fall of Man, is also present in Retribution. Retribution features new characters and weapons, as well as a non-replenishing life bar.

On October 9, 2008, it was announced that players with a copy of Resistance 2 in their PlayStation 3, while having their PSP 2000 or 3000 (also works with PSP 1000) connected via AV output to the television, will be able to play Resistance: Retribution with a DualShock 3 controller. This is a new, cross-link feature of both games dubbed PSP Plus. While PSP Plus is enabled, it has been reported that aim assist will be disabled and that players would be able to remap their controls to better use the extra inputs on the PlayStation 3 controller. DualShock 3 rumble will also be supported.[3]

Also announced was Infected mode which, by connecting Resistance: Retribution psp iso to Resistance 2 using a USB cable, going into the R2 options screen, and selecting “Infect your PSP!” provides an alternate story within the alternate history. While in prison for desertion, Grayson is recruited by Specter Lieutenant David LaSalle (from the R2 storyline) and is infected with a mutated version of the Chimera virus, a different version of the virus that infects Nathan Hale.[3]

While playing in “infected” mode, Grayson wears a Specter uniform and has glowing Chimeran eyes.[3] Characters in the story will be aware of Grayson's Chimeran infection which will alter their behavior accordingly.[4] He gets to use one of the new weapons from R2: the HE .44 Magnum, which fires explosive rounds that can be triggered remotely. He has regenerative health and no longer needs to look for health packs. He can breathe underwater, allowing him to reach hidden areas that he could not reach before. Also another whole class of Intel are hidden throughout the levels. Collecting all of the “infected” intel unlocks plasma grenades and an expanded story.At the end in Resistance Retribution psp iso Infected mode ends when the player quits the game.



  • Install PPSSPP APK
  • Then Download Resistance Retribution psp iso Rom.
  • Open PPSSPP and Search Resistance Retribution psp iso Rom and select and Play.

Download Dynasty Warriors Vol 2 PSP ISO Full Android Game [PPSSPP+PSP]

Download Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2 psp iso Android Gaming Rom For mobiles & Tablets. Dynasty Warriors Vol 2 is a PSP Playstation Portable video game,The part of the widely popular Dynasty Warriors series, developed by Omega Force and published by Koei. The game was released exclusively on the PlayStation Portable.

In Dynasty Warriors Vol 2 PSP iso Game, the game characters and models are all from Dynasty Warriors 5, but it includes new features and some from Dynasty Warriors (PSP), including multiplayer fight up to 4 players and the ability to trade officers wirelessly with other players. In addition, Vol. 2 fixes the HUD problem found in the original Dynasty Warriors PSP title.

Dynasty Warriors Vol 2 PSP iso Gameplay

Like the previous Dynasty Warriors PSP title, the game features unique characters from the Samurai Warriors series as special bodyguards. In this game, the characters and their models are taken from Samurai Warriors 2.
Unlike the Dynasty Warriors series' console iterations, the map is divided into a grid system. Each grid contains enemy troops that will retreat if their morale bar hits 0. Sometimes it is necessary to defeat the enemy officers before the enemy retreats.
Each stage usually has two winning conditions, each of which will lead to another possible battle stage. In this way, the story can be quite different each time you play.

Stages in Games

Each kingdom (Wei, Wu, Shu, and Other) has its own unique stage map. The path each player takes through the levels depends on conditions met in each level: the levels have either one or two conditions, of which one must be met for victory. The player begins with a limited number of levels; additional levels will be unlocked during gameplay.

All levels have a hidden treasure trove (a couple have two) and/or a "village mission" that the player may conquer during gameplay. Doing so, along with meeting the condition(s) for victory, will unlock the additional levels.[2]

Treasure Trove areas require that you to defeat a strong "Bonus" enemy officer, many of the "Bonus" officers are from the Samurai Warriors series. If you defeat them quickly they will join you.


How to Play the Game

  • Install PPSSPP APK
  • Then Download Dynasty Warriors Vol 2 psp iso Rom.
  • Open PPSSPP and Search Dynasty Warriors Vol 2 psp iso Rom and select and Play.